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Stefanie's Story - Opera Gives Voice To Autistic Singer

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April 23rd, 2010.
NBC Nightly News featured OCCTAC student Stefanie Diaz and instructor Renee Rulon Cortez in the "Making A Difference" segment on their Friday night national broadcast.
For all of us who have known Stefanie and her family for many years it was an emotional moment. It was wonderful to see how far Stefanie has come in the 9 years she has received therapeutic art classes at our center. Of course, a 2-minute news segment cannot tell her amazing story in much detail. But Dr. Ana Jimènez-Hami, founder and president, remembers. "Stefanie was one of our first students. Her family came to us for help because both Stefanie and her brother have autism. Stefanie displayed severe autistic behavior at that time.

Stefanie Diaz at age 9.

However, Stefanie showed a keen interest in many forms of art. Over the years, she has attended visual …

Watch Our Opera Singer Stefanie Diaz On NBC Nightly News Friday, April 23rd

Dear Friends!

We just got word from NBC that the story about our student Stefanie Diaz will be on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on Friday night, April 23rd, 2010 at 6:30PM.
The segment "Making A Difference" usually airs close to 7PM.

Thank you to producer Aarne Heikkila for featuring Stefanie!
And a special Thank You to reporter Yvette Cabrera from the OC Register whose article about Stefanie got the ball rolling!

Latin American Art Auction Tickets Now Available!

Tickets are now available on Eventbrite and we can accept all forms of payment!

We also have more exciting news about the upcoming auction!

Meet Gregorio Luke, former Director of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach and guest speaker at our event.
Alex Slato, Auction Specialist and VP of Special Projects at MoLAA and auctioneer at our event.

Star Power! Get A Preview Of Our Exclusive Art For Auction!

Dear Friends and Supporters, Art Lovers!

Come and Join us on
Thursday, May 27th at 6PM
at The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana
for an exclusive art auction benefiting our center.
Have a look at the amazing pieces available at the auction, featuring works by Andriacci, Castaneda, Montoya, Ochoa, Orozco, Toledo, Siqueiros and many more renowned Latin American artists.

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Dear Friends,

Tonight, our singing sensation Stephanie Diaz will be featured on Nightly News with Brian Williams on NBC (Channel 4 for most). It should be aired between 6:30 & 7:00 PST, however, as with most human interest stories, breaking news takes precedence. If for some reason OCCTAC's rising star is preempted, we will keep you up to date with any information we receive.

Dr. Ana Jimènez-Hami Appointed To Two New Board of Director Posts

Dear Friends!

I am proud to share with all of you that I was recently appointed to the statewide
California Arts Advocates Board as well as the VSA California, International Organization of Arts and Disability!
It is an honor for me to serve on these boards. Both organizations support our work with the children through the arts and we are very happy to work together to help the children.

Dr. Ana Jimènez-Hami

You Are Invited! Latin American Art Auction At The Bowers

May 27th, 2010
Bowers Museum, Santa Ana
For more information call: (714) 547 5468

Welcome Mexican Consul Alejandra Garcia Williams!

We had a fiesta! On Wednesday, March 24th, 2010, we welcomed the new
Mexican Consul Titular Alejandra Garcia Williams and
Consul Para Asuntos Comunitarios Lourdes Chàvez to our center.

OCCTAC Board President Mary Ellen Lohnes, Consul Alejandra Garcia Wiliams, OCCTAC president Dr. Ana Jimènez-Hami
The Consuls did not come empty-handed! Many of our students had participated in the international "Este es mi México" annual children's art contest, sponsored by the government of México. Thousands of pieces of art work were sent to Mexico City where a committee of professional artist painters judged the entries. The Consuls came to OCCTAC to congratulate the students who received a certificate of excellence!

Consul Garcia Williams: "Last year, the contest theme celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. We encourage all children ages 7 to 11 to submit their work this year as well!"
The 2010 Contest will feature heroes and battles. Click HERE…