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Our String Students' Musical Holiday Greeting Are In YouTube Top 5!

Dear Amigos!

We are very happy to announce that our Santa Ana Suzuki String Students and their TEC students friends have made the YouTube Hit List Top 5 of Musical Holiday Greetings!

It's not too late to get your own hit musical message and greeting out to your family and friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
Marion and your friends at OCCTAC.

Our String Students Will Play For A Donation! Our Holiday Musical Greeting Program Is Back!

Dear Amigos! Tired of writing greeting cards? Send musical wishes and reduce your carbon foot print! Our string students will help. At the same time you are helping them! Make a donation to the SASS Violin Fund and our Talented Young Violinist from SASS and TEC will perform a Live Holiday Musical Greeting  just for them.  They will be unique personalized musical messages from you.   A Musical Holiday Greeting  will be sent live via  Skype, Private Video or Phone. You can have one of these ‘one of a kind’  Musical Greetings  sent to a recipient of your choice (with out the big green elf and message boxes) by going to the following page on : Live Musical Holiday Greetings request page at There you can choose from a variety of Holiday  Carols (see list at the bottom of the page) and provide the contact and delivery information we need to get the job done for Santa. Your friend will be very surprised and have something to talk about all throu…

Looking for Professional Tutors for the WrapAround Program in Santa Ana, CA

Dear Friends!

 We are looking for Qualified Tutors for our WrapAround Program!

 Qualified tutor - a person who demonstrates proficiency in the subject matter assigned who can assist students with queries and difficulties relating to subject matter and who has received additional training in tutoring children with emotional and behavioral problems.

 The program is the Wraparound Program which is a collaboration between Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center (OCCTAC) and the Orange County Social Services Agency.
 We are committed to providing tutoring services for at-risk children. OCCTAC is seen as a focal point of therapeutic arts services for children and youth in Orange County. Providing access to services for all children and their families impacted by physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional or learning disabilities.
 If you have the following:
· Experience working with transitional age youth 
· Experience in working with a diverse community.
· …