Help Us Find a New Name! The Renaming OCCTAC Contest.

Dear Amigos!

Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center – we know, what were we thinking! It is so long, hard to say and difficult to remember. So we are looking for a better name!

And we are asking for your help! Be creative in helping rename our Center!

There are three ways to send us your entry!

1) Go to our Blog Home Page and click the "Rename OCCTAC Contest FORM" tab. It will open the Facebook contest form. You need to have a Facebook.

2) Go straight to our Facebook Page and click the Rename OCCTAC Tab:

3) Come to our Center and request this FORM at the reception.


The legal stuff:
You agree that, by entering the Contest, you irrevocably assign and transfer to the Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center (OCCTAC) all right, title and interest in the Name, including, without limitation, all trademark rights, and you agree to execute any additional documents OCCTAC may deem necessary to evidence or effectuate such assignment. OCCTAC’s rights with respect to the Entry include, but are not limited to: (a) the exclusive right to use, publish, advertise and display or reproduce the proposed Name on products; (b) the exclusive right to alter, revise or change the Entry in any way; and (c) the exclusive right to secure trademark and copyright registrations and other rights in the entry.

Thank you for your help!


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