Nikki Soohoo and LOUDreams Exchanging Art visit OCCTAC

A big "Gracias" to our friend Nikki Soohoo who arranged the LOUDreams Exchanging Art visit to our center the last Saturday of February.
Nikki and her friends created a wonderfully inspiring day for our students.
Among the LOUDreams' artists were AJ Subat (singer), Esna Yoon (singer), Shakeib Siddiq (LOUDreams), Joseph Aslam (LOUDreams), Bear Allen-Blaine (drama skit; Jack and the Bean Stalk) , D Duong (DSC dancer), Cameron Crisostomo (DSC dancer), Vanessa Born (Bring It On actress), Meagan Holder (Bring It On actress) and Holland Roden (Bring It On actress).


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