Help Us Invite Ricky Martin! Join Our # Campaign!


Please help us!

Record a short video on your phone, inviting Ricky Martin, and share it with hashtags on your social media platforms!

Ricky Martin's incredible commitment to supporting arts and children is an inspiration! We hope to be able to reach him personally - or at least someone from the Ricky Martin Foundation. Getting someone of his global stature to just say "Hello" to our students would be immeasurably valuable in motivating and encouraging them to persevere!

We launched a social media campaign on all platforms on August 10th, using @ and # in the hopes of spreading the word and getting Ricky Martin's attention.

Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami and all staffers and students invite family, friends and Santa Ana and Orange County residents to help by recording a short smartphone video invitation and sharing it to their social media channels, hashtagging or adding @Ricky_Martin and OCCTAC

Ricky Martin:
Twitter: @ricky_martin
Instagram: @ricky_martin
Vine: Ricky.Martin

INSTAGRAM: #occtac
Pinterest: OCCTAC

Let's do this!


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