Happy to Report that Our Summer Camp Series Was a Big Hit with Kids and Parents Alike!

OCCTAC’s Summer Camp has culminated this past Friday. It was an enriching experience full of exploration, learning, hands-on engagement in language, and outdoor activities that made students laugh, think and discover new concepts.

The families were extremely thankful that we provided a Summer Camp all in Spanish. Parents were amazed to see non-Spanish speakers engage in conversation with native Spanish speakers with great confidence and respect. This summer camp was very successful.
Friendships were built,
Spanish skills were improved,
and language appreciation was discovered!
We hope we will be able to provide it next summer!
Activities include: art, literacy, gross motor, hands-on, sensory, playtime, snack time, story time, music time, and Friday movies.
Fridays were considered Fun Friday,  a movie was shown in Spanish for each theme and students brought PJs, pillows and blankets—Epic, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and Disney Dinosaur—but also students brought their pet animal and had a Show and Tell.

A Scarlet macaw named Mango Sea Turtle named Chuckie joined us on the show-and-tell days.

 This was a very enriching experience as students would get to see live and touch what they had learned all week. Laura, a 2 year old toddler, learned the word "guacamaya" after having the opportunity to see and hear it.

We hope to see you next summer for more camp fun!


Claudia Maravilla
Program Instructor for Early Start and Pre-Kinder Arts.


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